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The impacts of sanctions and counterterrorism measures: Data collection toolkit

This data collection framework is designed to support non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to better collectively understand, monitor and address issues caused by sanctions and counterterrrorism measures. Download the framework in full or view the sections below.

DRC. Psychosocial work. 2020. Leontine Heri Basengo, a psychosocial worker for Action contre la Faim, talks with Esther Bunyere to better understand her mental state after the SMPS session at a school in Kichanga. © Olivia Acland pour Action contre la Faim

1. Introduction to data collection framework

This data collection framework is designed to help non-governmental organisations collectively understand, monitor and address issues caused by sanctions and counterterrorism measures. Using the...
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Christopher Mungai, a meteorological technician at the Kenya Meteorological Department in Taita Taveta adds weather data collected from the station into a global system. Observations must be uploaded to the system immediately after being registered.

2. How to use the framework

Start by reading these guidelines. They provide all the necessary background information on the scope of sanctions and counterterrorism measures, the operational issues and concrete impacts they bring...
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UN Assembly, NY, USA. 2020 © C. Dixon / Handicap International

3. Global sanctions and counterterrorism framework

Find out about the legal frameworks imposed by states and international and regional bodies that introduce sanctions and counterterrorism measures.
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Central African Republic, Bangui. Emmanuel Simiand pour Action contre la Faim

4. Outreach and practices of the organisation

This section will help you understand the scope of your operations and analyse how sanctions and counterterrorism measures are impacting operations.
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Military checkpoint, Palestine. 2020 © Creative Commons Licenses.

5. SCTM-Related issues

This section looks at the impact that donor clauses, screening obligations, and over compliance by banks and the private sector can impact aid delivery and how to manage it.
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